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Polyurethane Foam Metering Rexroth A2VK hydraulic Pump

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Gaoqiao Hi-Tech Industrial Zone Ningbo 315172 China Ningbo Zhejiang
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Felix Zhang

Quick Information

  • Brand Name: Rexroth A2VK Pump
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Model Number : A2VK12 A2VK28 A2VK55 A2VK107
  • A2VK Pump : Rexroth A2VK Pump


Rexroth A2VK Hydraulic A2VK12 A2VK28 A2VK55 A2VK107 High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Metering Piston Pump Features below:
– Variable axial piston pump for pumping and polyurethane metering pump

– High metering accuracy and reproducibility of the variable pumped volumes
– Robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral precision measuring scale
– Operating pressure up to 250 bar
– Low pulsation of the pumped medium
– Pump components are compatible with the pumped media (polyol, isocyanate)

     due to special pairings of materials and sealing elements
– Low-noise
– Excellent volumetric efficiency for high metering accuracy
– Double shaft seals with buffer fluid ports to guarantee safe operation (and protect the environment)

R902004079    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE1-SO2 
R902004081    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE2-SO2   
R902004352    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE1-SO2  
R902024765    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE2-SO2  
R902027140    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE2-SO2  
R902034181    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE1-SO11 
R902036692    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE2-SO10  
R902045259    A2VK12MAGL4G1PE2-SO 
R902047230    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE2-SO2
R902047231    A2VK12MAGL4G0PE1-SO2  
R902052372    A2VK12MAOL4G0PE2-SO2   
R902052393    A2VK12MAOL4G0PE2-SO  
R902054827    A2VK12MAOL4G1PE2-SO   
R902054915    A2VK12MAOL4G0PE2    
R902060108    A2VK12MAOL4G1PE1-SO2     
R902060110    A2VK12MAOL4G1PE1-SO  
R902065600    A2VK12MAGL4G1PE2-SO2 
R902065720    A2VK12MAOL4G0PE1-SO  
R902065835    A2VK12MAGL4G0PE2-SO 
R902073985    A2VK12MAOL4G0PE1-SO2   
R902078760    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE1-SO11  
R902080731    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE2-SO7 
R902084061    A2VK12MAOL4G1PE2-SO2   
R902086544    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE1-SO7  
R909446008    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO3 
R909447014    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE2-SO7 
R909447017    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO7 
R909447172    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO2  
R909447193    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE1-SO2    
R909603730    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO11   
R909604348    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE1-SO  
R909604352    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE2-SO 
R909604353    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1  
R909604506    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO      
R909604763    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE1-SO  
R909604764    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE2-SO  
R909604765    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE1  
R909604829    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE2 
R909604830    A2VK12MAOR4G1PE1   
R909604834    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO10 
R909604912    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE2  
R909604913    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE2  
R909604952    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE1-SO9 
R909604986    A2VK12MAGR4G0PE2-SO   
R909604987    A2VK12MAOR4G0PE2-SO 
R909605626    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE1-SO10  
R909605715    A2VK12MAGR4G1PE1-SO  
R902004353    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE1-SO2 
R902004354    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE1-SO2    
R902009895    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE2-SO2   
R902024706    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE1-SO7 
R902024707    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE2-SO7   
R902027141    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE2-SO2  
R902028554    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE2-SO2 
R902031665    A2VK28MAOL1G0PE1-SO  
R902036628    A2VK28MAGW1G0PE1-SO  
R902036991    A2VK28MAOL1G0PE2-SO    
R902052369    A2VK28MAOL1G0PE2-SO2 
R902054241    A2VK28MAOL1G0PE2 
R902060112    A2VK28MAOL1G1PE1-SO  
R902060113    A2VK28MAOL1G1PE1-SO2 
R902063697    A2VK28MAGR1G0PE2-SO2  
R902067594    A2VK28MAGL1G0PE2-SO  
R909446351    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-SO2 
R909447063    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE2-SO7    R902047068    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE2-SO2  
R902054700    A2VK55MAOL1G0PE2    
R902057443    A2VK55MAOL1G0PE2-SO    
R902080651    A2VK55MAOL1G0PE2-SO2    
R909446352    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE1-SO2 
R909603595    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE2-SO7  
R909603596    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE1-SO7  
R909604386    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE2-SO   
R909604387    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE1-SO 
R909604508    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE2  
R909604725    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE1-SO
R909604726    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE2-SO  
R909604729    A2VK55MAOR1G1PE1-SO   
R909604730    A2VK55MAOR1G1PE2-SO  
R909610311    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE1-SO 
R909610414    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE1-SO2   
R909610544    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE1
R909610545    A2VK55MAOR1G1PE1-SO2   
R909610546    A2VK55MAOR1G1PE2-SO2
R902028557    A2VK107MAOR1G1PE1-SO2   
R902028558    A2VK107MAOR1G1PE2-SO2 
R902043533    A2VK107MAGR1G1PE1-SO  
R902043534    A2VK107MAGR1G1PE2-SO  
R902067669    A2VK107MAOL1G0PE2-SO  
R902073999    A2VK107MAOL1G0PE1-SO 
R902080654    A2VK107MAOL1G0PE2-SO2    
R902084124    A2VK107MAOR1G0PE2-SO2  
R909448595    A2VK107MAOR1G0PE1-SO2   
R909604857    A2VK107MAGR1G0PE1-SO2 
R909604865    A2VK107MAOR1G0PE1-SO 
R909604914    A2VK107MAOR1G1PE2  
R909605535    A2VK107MAOR1G0PE1-SO7  
R909605536    A2VK107MAOR1G0PE2-SO7  
R909610970    A2VK107MAOR1G1PE1-SO    
R909610971    A2VK107MAOR1G1PE2-SO
R909605252    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-SO10   
R909605891    A2VK28MAGR1G0PE2-SO  
R902000250    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE1  
R902000251    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE2-SO
R902004355    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE1-SO2  
R902024879    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE1 
R902024881    A2VK55MAGR1G1PE2 
R902038629    A2VK55MAGR1G0PE2-SO2  
R902042042    A2VK55MAOR1G0PE2-SO2  
R902043851    A2VK55MAGL1G0PE1-SO2
R909447064    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-SO7
R909447194    A2VK28MAGR1G0PE1-SO2 
R909603547    A2VK28MAGR1G0PE1-SO8   
R909603727    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-SO11
R909604336    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE1-SO 
R909604337    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1
R909604391    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-SO 
R909604446    A2VK28MAOR1G1PE2-SO 
R909604656    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE1
R909604657    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE2   
R909604658    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE2-SO  
R909604727    A2VK28GEOR1G1PE2-SO5   
R909604766    A2VK28MAGR1G1PE1-SO
R909604988    A2VK28MAGR1G0PE1-SO  
R909604989    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE2-SO
R902073966    A2VK28MAGL1G0PE1-SO   
R902084059    A2VK28MAOL1G1PE2-SO2 
R902092011    A2VK28MAOR1G0PE1-ESO2 
R902101233    A2VK28MAOL1G0PE1-SO2


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  • Polyurethane Foam Metering Rexroth A2VK hydraulic Pump image

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